Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What exactly is a Copic?

Copic markers are one of the products we get the most questions on so I decided to do a quick blog post about these beauties...Copic markers (pronounced 'coh-pick') are one of the hottest items in the papercrafting world today.  Copics are filled with alcohol-based ink, are non-toxic, and when dry, are acid free. All Copics, in some way or another, are labeled with a combination of letters and numbers, which designate the colors.  The letters stand for the color family that the marker belongs to: B=Blue, BG=Blue Green, BV=Blue Violet, G=Green, YG=Yellow Green, Y=Yellow, YR=Yellow Red, R=Red, RV=Red Violet, V=Violet, E=Earth, C=Cool Gray, N=Neutral Gray, T=Toner Gray, W=Warm Gray.  The first number shown stands for saturation or how vibrant a color is.  Colors that have a low first number are more vibrant than colors that have a higher first number.  The second number in a color represents how light that color is within that saturation group.  To pick colors that 'go together', choose colors that have the same first number.  Colors will blend better if they are close to each other on the color wheel.  Sometimes, I look at two colors that 'technically' don't go together and think they look great together...So I usually tell people if it looks good to them, then go for it!!  

Copics come in 4 different styles: Copic, Sketch, Ciao, and Wide and are refillable!  Here at the store, we carry Ciao markers and currently have 144 of the 180 colors available.  

I LOVE my Copics....  I just love how bright and vibrant images become after being colored with the Copics...And with the dual tips, brush and broad, it's super easy to color and write with the markers.

Here is the color chart for the 144 colors that the Scrapbook Outlet currently carries:

And be sure to check our class schedule for introductory Copic classes coming soon from one of our three certified instructors. 

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