Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scrapbooking Resolution: Clean and Organize

Happy 2011 everyone!  Every New Year's, resolutions are made.  It may be to save money, lose weight, donate to charity, or spend more time with your family.  In addition to my yearly resolutions of saving money and getting healthier, I make a scrapbooking resolution (or two).

Walking in my scrappin' room ('The Scrap Cave' as I like to call it), I saw all the remnants of 2010's Christmas projects.  Paper on the floor, trash can overflowing, and scrappy supplies strewn about, let's just say that I am SO happy that company doesn't see that room.  It definitely looks like a bomb blew up in there! 

I resolved right then and there to be more organized and clean  in my scrapbooking. I plan on putting all supplies and materials away when I am finished.  When I get new paper or embellishments, I'll put them away instead of just laying them on the table for another time.  

There are TONS of great organizing products out there on the market.  One of my faves is the Clip-It-Up.  This thing is AWESOME!!!  Clip all your stickers, embellishments, and ribbon up and away from your workspace.  I've even got a few card-size papers hanging on mine.  The best thing is that the Clip It Up spins like a carousel, giving you easy access to anything stored on it!  This thing even comes with some great organizing dividers so you can divide by topic, color, or type.

Another one of my fave organizing tools is the Creative Options Project Box.  These boxes come in a few different sizes and colors.  These boxes are my go-to storage for weekend crops or finished album pages.  I'm notorious for scrapbooking various subjects at once and not putting my completed projects in album.  So, my solution is to keep all my finished layouts in these boxes until I get the time to organize them into albums.  The boxes are also VERY sturdy and take a beating, as mine travel frequently to weekend crops and to friends houses.

We'll have some more resolutions throughout the month of January here on the blog and in the newsletter, too.  What are you resolutions?  We'd love to hear them so leave us a comment!!

Happy Scrappin'!

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Laura said...

Oooh I have that purple box, love it! I store all my little easy-to-lose scraps of paper in it...