Friday, January 21, 2011

Digital Scrapping

Hello, Laura here! I'm not the normal scrapbooker around here, I'm the web designer. So what on earth am I doing posting here?

Weeeelll, working with this crew tends to get you interested in making your own scrapbook-y stuff, right? And I'm getting married in June and needed to send out Save-the-Date cards. Obviously, I went running to Lindsey begging for ideas and she helped me come up with a great one!

Since I'm more of a web geek and have my Photoshop skills, I just designed a 4x6 image based on Victorian postcards and had them printed as photos at Walgreens Photo. I got the postcard imagery from this AMAZING site with free, publicly-licensed images of high-resolution scanned Victorian paper cards and such on it that you can use to your heart's content.

Then on the back, we picked out a corner punch and I cut out 4x6 pieces of a pretty yellow paper. I ran them through the printer for the wording (realized after 2 cards I wasn't about to write 86 copies of this!) and borrowed Lindsey's Tim Holtz Postcard stamp for the vintage look.

For the divider, we used a Cuttlebug and made the embossing and VOILA! Beautiful, expensive-looking save the date postcards!

Both techy and crafty. I'm so proud! Thank you Lindsey!

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