Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Glossy, Glossy

One of my most favorite, go-to items is Glossy Accents..Glossy Accents are made by the ink-gods at Ranger.  Glossy Accents are labeled as a 'clear, dimensional embellishment'.  I first discovered Glossy Accents a few years ago, when I was doing a bath-themed layout of my puppy.  I wanted to use some Sticko bubbles on the layout and, after placing the stickers on the paper, I decided I needed the bubbles to really stand out.  A friend pointed me in the direction of Glossy Accents.  I applied them over the bubble stickers, let them dry, and was absolutely amazed at the results.  I had clear, glossy, dimensional bubbles!!  How cool is that?! 

It wasn't until later, after taking a class off of Tim Holtz himself, that I discovered that Glossy Accents also makes a wonderful adhesive.  It is uber-strong and works on heavier elements like plastics and metals.  It works great as a glue on paper as well!  And with it's precision tip, you can also write rather easily with it.  Glossy Accents are definitely a must-have for your scrappy tool box!

Looking to get some Glossy Accents?  Here's a couple of tips:

  • If the tip gets clogged, take a very fine gauged stick pin and slowly stick it in the tip, making sure not to force it.
  • If you use Glossy Accents as a glue and need it to set quick, here's a tip to quick set the item.  For example, say you glued a paper flower onto a tag at a crop and needed to go home....It's not dry yet?  As long as you are not using the Glossy Accents as an embellishment, but as a glue, you can sit on the project for a minute or so..(yes, I said sit).  The heat from your body will quick set the project enabling you to move it or pack it up.  Cool tip huh?  (This tip is from a Tim Holtz class..)
Happy Scrappin'

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Ellen said...

Great feature! I LOVE this stuff too! Two more tips for anyone who hasn't tried Glossy Accents yet- 1. they are serious when they say do not shake! You want to keep the bottle as air bubble free as possible. If you do get an unwanted air bubble on an accented area though, carefully prick it with a pin if it is still fresh. 2. the gloss is a great quick sub for jewelry resin in some projects. I made some necklaces for Christmas with blank beveled pendants, thick patterned paper cut to size, and the gloss slowly layered until it filled in the bezel. I'm sure they aren't as durable as resin, but they seem fine for occasional wear so far! :] I will have to try it as a glue next, that is a riot about sitting on it!